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Combat Loneliness With Mindfulness

There is a thin line between being alone and being lonely. You are alone when there’s no one around you, but when surrounded by people and still feel isolated, that is loneliness.

Being alone does not necessarily mean that you have any bad feelings inside of you. But if you are feeling lonely, that’s an issue. Being lonely consumes you from within and restricts you from enjoying your own company.

Opening up about your emotions and asking for outside help becomes difficult when you don’t address your issue. That is why being aware of your loneliness and taking steps to get out of it is essential.

Along with that, forming healthy relationships with yourself and the people around you is also very crucial. There are several ways to get out of your shell and combat loneliness involving numerous complex techniques.

Here, we will discuss one of the most simple yet one of the most effective strategies to prevent and treat loneliness, which is mindfulness. It is a straightforward practice that provides you with mental health benefits and improves your overall health. Practising mindfulness has numerous advantages if done correctly and consistently.

Causes for loneliness

In the current predicament, more and more people are prone to loneliness than ever before. Ignoring loneliness and struggling with it without doing anything about it can make it more chronic and dangerous.

The reason for this being that it can make you vulnerable to many health risks, too, both mentally and physically. The unhappiness, lack of motivation, frustration, stress and crippling anxiety are all the factors that contribute to making your problem even worse.

It is crucial to take steps, no matter big or small, to improve your condition and become stronger mentally and physically. 

What Happens When You Practice Mindfulness

When you start practising mindfulness, you commit yourself to become a better and content person from the inside out. Mindfulness practices allow you to connect with your environment that you most of the time ignore.

It ensures that you become more aware of yourself as well as your surroundings. By practising mindfulness, you learn to experience joy from a deeper level of your being. You emerge to be complete in the absence of anyone or anything. It’s no surprise that people who have prepared their minds to be more conscious often favour solitude.

Mindfulness practice is an opportunity to pay attention to the present moment with kindness and curiosity. This entails letting go of our judgments about loneliness and accepting the way things are right now. 

Loneliness can only be broken free from this delicate position of acknowledgment as it is the key to open up the first door towards self-improvement. Acknowledging the issue is the very first step towards a better you.

We practise being in the “here and now” with mindfulness meditation. We are not in a hurry to do anything else. We don’t sit around waiting for projects or tasks to be assigned to us. Likewise, we do not seek happiness when we are with this or that person.

Several of our issues, including loneliness, can be helped by mindfulness meditation. This is because practising mindfulness teaches you to find joy from a deeper level of your being. You appear to be complete in the absence of anyone or anything.

How To Combat Loneliness With Mindfulness

Stop pondering over your condition too much

When we remove the delusion and the notion that things shouldn’t be this way, we realise that we’re fine, that we’re solid enough, clever enough, and thoughtful enough to be uncomfortable. Most importantly, we must understand that this sensation is not permanent.

Get out of your head

Digging deeper and deeper within your thought is one of the most common factors for feeling lonely. When you keep overthinking the overwhelming thoughts, we restrict ourselves from noticing our beautiful surroundings. Make a conscious decision about where you focus your attention.

Make it a habit 

When you start incorporating mindfulness into your daily life, it will become more factual. And, hopefully, you’ll eventually discover yourself instinctively concentrating on what’s going on around you and inside of you at present. 

Focus on your breath

Deep breathing and focusing practices are some of the very beneficial methods to gain self-consciousness and awareness. It is one of the most effective meditative practices and allows one to achieve concentration and focus on the present rather than the past and future worries. 

Realise your importance

Do not punish yourself for the way you feel. No one has control over their feelings, and neither do you. Stop criticising yourself and start working on your improvement. Remember that you’ll never talk to someone you love like that, so why do it to yourself. 


If you have observed and examined your loneliness, you have taken the first step towards better days. It might seem not very easy to carry on and easy to give up against your thoughts, but that is where your will to become a better person comes to play.

You will regret quitting, but you will never regret being persistent and consistent with these practices. When your future self will be self-conscious, self-confident, and have healthy relationships with yourself and with the people around you’ll be proud of yourself for not giving up and keeping on even through the hard times.  

All these practices will only be effective when you have the will to get better within yourself. Hence, be consistent and patient with yourself, for yourself. This will not only help you get more peaceful but also improve your mental and physical well-being.