Best time to meditate

When is the Best Time of Day to Meditate?

Time is strongly related to meditation. From the overview of the literature on meditation, it is evident that you benefit in so many ways by practicing meditation at different times.

In this article, I will walk you through the best times to practice meditation.

Meditate in the mornings

Let us talk about three reasons why morning meditation is excellent. One, your mind is fresh and sharp in the mornings, so it is easy to do meditation. The second bonus associated with morning meditation is that you have a conducive meditation environment. As in, there is less noise and interruption if you choose to meditate in the mornings. Finally, the third and most crucial point is that morning meditation sets the tone for the rest of the day. Meaning, you will be better focused and more productive to handle work-life challenges. 

Ideally, it would be best to meditate before breakfast, and even a simple 5 minutes breathing exercise is more than enough. 

Meditate during lunch hour

If you are not a morning person, I suggest incorporating your meditation session into your lunch hour. Lunchtime meditation is good because it helps you break from tight work schedules; plus, it is best for your body and mind. Meditating during lunchtime helps you de-stress the body; it relaxes the muscle strain or backache caused by sitting in front of the computer for long.

Coming to its effect on the mind, meditation breaks your old thinking patterns; it boosts creativity and increases focus. So, you can work efficiently for the rest of the evening. On a broader level, meditation during office hours sharpens your interpersonal skills. 

If they are any differences or conflicts with your co-workers, meditation can teach you to be tolerant and accept other people’s perspectives. So, more reasons for you to practice meditation during lunchtime.

Meditate after work

More often than not, the distinction between professional and personal life blurs. As a result, we carry our work pressure home, and this immensely affects our personal life. To draw a clear distinction between professional and personal life, one should meditate.

As soon as you finish your work and get home, do meditate. This will help to declutter your mental space and release all the stress and anxiety healthily. Also, meditation after work will help you make sense of your whole day. You can use the meditation session to reflect on all your thoughts and feelings about the entire day.

Meditate before and after workouts

Primarily, one forgets that a healthy state of mind is essential for our body. For exercise, you must be in the right frame of mind. Meaning, you cannot effectively work out if you feel distracted or irritated. This is why it is vital to meditate before exercise to train your mind to focus and stay calm. Once you cultivate the right state of mind, it becomes effortless to train the body.

On the other hand, you can also schedule meditation sessions after workouts. After every workout, your body needs to heal from pain, and meditation can help you effectively recover from pain.

Meditate when anxious

Meditation is not limited to specific timings in the day; you can choose to meditate, particularly when you are going through anxiety. Pending assignments, work pressure, long working hours? Be it any problem, take out time to meditate and observe what is going on in your mind and body with complete acceptance.

As your mind enjoys the present moment, your anxiety decreases. With practice, your mind can identify nagging and distracting thoughts that are central to anxiety. With meditation, you stop identifying with those thoughts so you would be able to be calm yourself down.

Now that you know so much about the best time to meditate, it is essential to remember when not to meditate.

Meditation during nighttime

Since Meditation is primarily about developing focus and awareness, it is advisable not to meditate close to bedtime. If you do so, there are high chances of falling asleep. As a result, your meditation sessions become ineffective.

Even if you plan to meditate during the night, ensure that you meditate at least one hour before you go to sleep.


When is the best time to meditate? Morning meditation means a fresh mind, conducive meditation environment, and productive workday. Similarly, practicing meditation at different times promotes relaxation, increases focus, heals the body, and improves the mind. To benefit from meditation sessions to the fullest, it is essential to know when to meditate and not meditate. 

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