About the Live Life App

Our goal is to achieve mental peace by training the mind on how to handle various mental situations like stress, anxiety, lack of focus, overthinking, and so on.

Our FREE features include:

  • Hundreds of music tracks/ sleep stories and ambient sounds to calm the mind, focus, sleep better and relax
  • 150+ Guided Meditations from 15+ world renowned meditation Gurus
  • Stream over 150+ guided meditations and music tracks tailored to your goals
  • The world’s most popular meditation with ambient sounds
  • Select tracks from different topics to aid your practice
  • Breathing Exercises to calm you any moment
  • Stats, milestones for tracking your progress
  • Device syncing

We offer an in-app premium subscription. It includes access to:

  • 150+ Guided meditations covering anxiety, stress, focus, work and much more.
  • Sleep stories and sleep meditations from industry experts.
  • New meditations are added every week from world-renowned mindfulness teachers.

The subscription is available for:

  • Monthly plan: $7.99
  • Half yearly plan: $29.99
  • Yearly plan: $49.99

*Any subscriptions has a 7 Days Free Plan


Guided meditations, sleep stories and music tracks are available offline depending on your subscription. Please note, if you are a free user it might be limited. Premium subscribers have the option to download all the audios, to use it offline. Here’s how to listen to tracks in the library:

  1. Launch the Live Life App
  2. Select the track you would like to listen to offline.
  3. Download the track by clicking on the download icon.
  4. The track will be available offline once the download icon is marked with a tick mark.


The Live Life App Timer can be accessed offline by everyone. Ensure you are logged into the app to record your self-guided meditation sessions.